Artful Connections Learning Studio

Arts-Based Activities to Reduce Stress for Caregivers and Enhance Quality of Life for Elderly or Frail Family Members

At Artful Connections Learning Studio, we help caregivers of elderly & frail adults reduce stress & overwhelm for themselves, as well as enhance quality of life for the people they care for. When done mindfully, the art of co-creating opens up doors to playfulness, creativity, insight and understanding.

Our engaging arts-based activities follow a 3 Pillar System:

Pillar 1 is about taking care of the caregiver first. The process of creating for yourself is fun & playful, while engaging a part of the brain that helps reduce stress & overwhelm.

Pillar 2 is about co-creating with your elderly or frail family member or client. You learn how to adapt the process used in Pillar 1, in order to co-create the project in a collaborative way that promotes greater connection, communication, problem-solving and many moments of joy.

Pillar 3 is about including a larger community of family and friends to share in a creative journey of learning, creating and playing together. You'll learn how to expand the project one step further, to honour your loved one’s life stories and bring them to life in a way that can be shared with many.It's a magical way to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Each video training module has its own downloadable set of instructions so you're never at a loss of what to do next! There are lots of tips to support you in the fun & creative adventure of art making for yourself and with others.

As a student of the Artful Connections Learning Studio, you're able to join us in the "Artful Connections Learning Studio" private FaceBook group. It’s your opportunity to ask questions and receive a little extra guidance and support directly from Shelley (and from other students!).

We look forward to welcoming you to the amazing community of people who are using the arts to make a difference in the lives of the people they care for.

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Happy Creating!

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